Welford-on-Avon: A Turquoise Kitchen with White Countertops

The Unique Challenge

Among one of the more straightforward designs, we have made. The client was building an extension and wanted to fit this turquoise kitchen within the space, which also included the dining area. There was also a small utility room, which we designed to match the kitchen.

The only variations to the design that we did were in terms of the colours, and we provided several 3D images with different colour options for the client to choose from.

Kitchen Layout

This is an open space with one run of cupboards along the wall and an island with seating space for two.

Special Design & Appliances

This client wanted a Bora hob, which has the extraction built into it. Therefore, we had to plan the island in such a way as to accommodate this special hob. Under the hob, there are drawers, but the top one was designed as a dummy.

As this hob has a recirculating extraction, we left a gap behind the unit making the plinth slightly shorter to allow for the flow of air from the back into the room.

The client chose a large American fridge freezer, so we designed units to wrap around the fridge – a large wall unit above and a tall storage cupboard next to it.

Another appliance they had was a freestanding microwave and they did not want it to take any of the worktop space, so we designed an open shelf unit for it.

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