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Budgeting for your new Koivu kitchen.

How much does a birch kitchen cost?

As you might expect, it is almost impossible for us to give an exact quote for a kitchen before we have the measurements and plans in front of us. However, we understand that you need an estimate for budgeting purposes. After all, you don’t want to waste time working with kitchen designers only to find that the final total is way off base.

Here we’ve put together a few example budgets, so you’ll get a rough idea of what to expect. The guide prices given include everything you would need to recreate the kitchens shown, including integrated bins, pull-out mechanisms and under lights. And they also provide you with an estimate of the costs that might be involved for worktops, appliances and fitting.

Please note that prices will vary depending on the choices you make with regards to materials, appliances and finishing details, these examples are provided as a guide only. 

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Small Kitchen

with one run of units

Price from: £14,500

Cost of units from:£14,500
cost of worktops from:£2,200
cost of appliances from:£3,000
cost of fitting from:£2,200
total estimated price of the kitchen:£21,900

This kitchen includes: three base units including a small dishwasher, two small drawer units, four wall units, one set of open shelves and two box shelves under the wall units.

Medium kitchen

with island

Price from: £19,500

Cost of units from:£19,500
cost of worktops from:£2,800
cost of appliances from:£3,700
cost of fitting from:£2,800
total estimated price of the kitchen:£28,500

This kitchen includes: five base units including a dishwasher and integrated bins, three large drawer units, two oak shelves, two tall appliance housings for ovens and a larder.

Large kitchen

L-shaped with island

Price from: £26,000

Cost of units from:£26,000
cost of worktops from:£3,500
cost of appliances from:£3,700
cost of fitting from:£3,500
total estimated price of the kitchen:£36,200

This kitchen includes eight base units including a dishwasher, two large drawer units, one corner unit, one tall appliance housing, one wide bridger above fridge/freezer, one double larder with three large external drawers, two double wall units, two single wall units and three small floating shelves.