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A bright, white kitchen in Canterbury

This white kitchen was designed for an extension to a busy home. The brief was for a highly functional kitchen, one that could stand up to life with young children. The design also needed to consider two load-bearing walls that butted into the room where the extension began. Hence a bespoke approach worked perfectly.

The client wanted this family kitchen to have enough space for their dining table. Plus they wanted a freestanding fridge/freezer and lots of open shelves. Overall, our clients requested that the kitchen was functional and homely, rather than having a minimalist look and feel.

Creating a functional family kitchen design.

When designing a family kitchen, it’s important to make sure all the elements are in the right place, so busy parents can prepare meals quickly and effectively. It’s also important that the materials used can stand up to the wear and tear of day-to-day life with kids. Arguably this is even more important when it comes to a white kitchen.

In order to maximise space we designed an L-shaped kitchen. We put tall units on the shorter side and base units on the longer one. The fridge is set next to one of the walls and has a cupboard above, so it’s in line with all the other units.

To add to the homely feel, we added open shelves above the sink and in the kitchen corner. This allows the family to display ornaments, plants and books to add colour and personality to their new space.

An L-shaped kitchen designed bespoke

The client wanted a large larder, so we designed a wide one to go between the fridge and oven. It has two very large drawers at the bottom to help with reaching all items that are stored there. To keep the same vision line throughout, all the drawer packs in the longer run also have two drawers.

As well as an oven, the client had a freestanding microwave, this was placed above the oven on an open shelf that is part of the oven housing. We built a bespoke unit to wrap around the second load-bearing wall. This provides useful storage and lines up with the rest of the run, drawing the eye through the space.

To make best use of the corner, we provided a shelf unit for books and other small items.

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