Haslemere: Dark Blue Kitchen with White Countertops - Koivu Kitchens

The Unique Challenge

This beautiful dark blue kitchen was part of a new extension to a house. The client was aiming for an open plan kitchen/dining/living area, so it was important for them to incorporate some elements from the kitchen into the other areas.

In particular, they were very interested in having a drinks unit that will match the kitchen but will sit in the dining room. There was also a small utility room, which they wanted to fit with matching units.

The client was very keen to have a tidy feel to the kitchen, without many items sitting on the worktops.

Kitchen Layout

This kitchen took quite a few designs before the client was happy. As we started with a blank canvas and a very open space, there were many possible alternatives. Therefore, we provided 3D images for each of the alternatives, so the client could get a feel of the correct one.

The drinks unit for the dining room also went through several options.

The kitchen layout that was chosen was for one run along the wall with a large island providing seating for five. The bottom half of the drinks unit was made of fridge drawers next to regular drawers. The top half had pocket doors that opened completely to reveal a coffee machine, spirits and all the glasses on shelves.

Special Design & Appliances

The client chose integrated appliances, which meant we had to provide tall housings for the fridge and ovens, and we provided a third tall unit that houses small appliances such as the toaster and mixer. The sink cupboard is wide in order to house the boiling water tap mechanism and filter. On either side of the sink, we put an integrated dishwasher and bins for easy access.

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