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We’ve spotted an influx of recent blogs sharing opinions on the home interiors trends we should be looking out for. And we couldn’t help but notice there are some common themes that appear time and again.

So, we’ve rounded up the kitchen design trends that interior experts say will be creeping into our homes this year.

A Koivu birch plywood kitchen demonstrating predicted kitchen design trends for 2024: accent colour, wooden tones and greenery.

Will kitchen cabinets go green?

Stark white kitchens are out, while ‘creamy’ whites are in. But interestingly we can expect the more neutral, earthy tones to rise in popularity this year. Wood tones, in particular, are seeing a resurgence, and green is quickly becoming the colour of the moment. Country Living even placed green at the top of its list of the most popular colours for 2024.

What if green doesn’t appeal? Ideal Home suggests it’s not about specific colours. It’s more about moving away from white and grey towards a ‘warm’ kitchen ambience. Their chosen experts believe homeowners will be more confident with colours in 2024. Creating “spaces that emanate a cosy, retro-inspired vibe while seamlessly blending comfort and style.”

Remember, if you’re not ready to go all in, you can always opt for a more neutral cabinet colour with a brighter accent. Perhaps a statement end panel, or an eye-catching splashback (another kitchen design trend for 2024).

Concentrating on look and feel

We’re huge advocates for the fact that your units and worktops should look great (obviously). But importantly they should also feel beautiful as you run your hand across them. In fact, when we exhibit at shows such as the Homebuilding & Renovating Show we always encourage visitors to touch our display kitchen.

So we found it really interesting to see that experts are predicting that look AND feel are becoming a greater motivation. In their 2024 survey, Houzz found that “How the material looks and feels is the most important factor when selecting cabinetry, flooring and worktops (82%, 78% and 71%, respectively).”

When it comes to cabinets, it’s thought that matte, brushed, or satin finishes will be preferred over gloss this year. Because who has time to be constantly polishing? And in terms of cabinet style, opinions seem to agree that contemporary and Scandinavian designs will continue to be popular.

So to us, that sounds like flat panel designs that feature push-to-open technology or hidden scooped handles as opposed to fussy handles and hardware.

Black birch plywood kitchen that looks like you want to run your hand across it and feel how tactile the materials are.

Bigger and better kitchen storage solutions

Perhaps it’s the January resolutions kicking in, or just a desire to get ‘back in control’ after the last few years of uncertainty. But we’re seeing a big focus on getting organised. Homeowners are looking to design clever storage into their kitchens by way of hidden areas and personalised or bespoke solutions.  

And it comes as no surprise to see that kitchen islands are going nowhere. In fact it’s suggested they’ll be growing in size to further maximise available storage. But if you don’t have the additional footprint to play with, use the height of your room. Floor to ceiling cabinetry is becoming more and more common, taking advantage of space that would be otherwise wasted. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll have plenty of infrequently used appliances, old crockery and cook books that you rarely require. All of which can be stored on those harder to reach shelves.

We’ve also seen requests coming in for deeper lower cabinets, more drawers in the design, clever corner solutions and built in charging stations. So kitchen design trends are about increasing the amount of space available for storage and reduce surface clutter.

It seems the growing trend for little ‘luxuries’ like drinks storage, bespoke beverage stations, Butler’s cupboards and pantries will be around for some time too. Something we’re very pleased about.

One of the kitchen design trends for 2024 is bespoke drinks areas / storage. This photo shows a bar area / butler's cupboard that was designed and made bespoke by Koivu. It features a fabulous red neon bar sign sitting on the black plywood shelving inside the cabinet.

A desire for a smarter kitchen

For some time now, we’ve seen a decline in popularity of the gas ranges, preferring the more streamlined look of induction cooktops integrated into countertops. In fact, we recommend the popular BORA hob with it’s hidden ventilation. Perfect to get rid of the need for an unsightly extractor fan.  

And as technologies change and improve at an exponential rate, customers are becoming noticeably excited about the potential of smart home automation.

In fact, the Houzz report into 2024 trends, suggests that, “Nearly a third of homeowners now choose appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity (30%). And some prefer those controllable via smartphones and tablets (29%). Both of these figures rose by 5 percentage points. Interest in features like touch-screen displays, smart-home connectivity, and built-in apps and cameras has also grown compared to last year.”

Seeking out sustainable suppliers

You’re unlikely to read about kitchen design trends, or in fact trends in any industry nowadays, without finding a mention of sustainability.  So we’re delighted to see that this is translating to more people considering this when selecting suppliers. Not to mention renovators considering carefully how to recycle, donate or reuse their old kitchen parts.

And on a micro level, we’re seeing more interest in custom designed solutions for recycling, water-saving, reduction of food waste etc. Something our designers are always happy to advise on.

We’ve certainly noticed that the customers who contact us are increasingly interested to hear about our eco-friendly credentials. Those things we’re doing to make sure we’re operating in a way that doesn’t deplete our planet’s resources. Plus, we’re proud to sat that not only do we operate in a sustainable way, we actively give back, planting trees for every kitchen sold.

A sustainable kitchen drawer with Koivu detailing

So in summary, we haven’t spotted a huge departure from last year’s trends. Homeowners in 2024 continue to want a kitchen that looks great, feels great, is practical, functional and doesn’t detract from the planet.

The good news is we can tick all those boxes. Get in touch today to find out how.

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