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Fun DIY ways to decorate your home this Christmas

Still wishing the house looked a little more Christmassy? Now’s your chance! Get the kids involved, or simply put on some Christmas music, pour yourself a glass of sherry and take on a couple of these DIY Christmas decoration projects in time for the big day itself.

Make your own crackers for Christmas dinner

It’s easy to find DIY Christmas cracker kits on the high street and they’re great fun to put together for each member of your family. As a bonus you can fill them with useful small gifts you know people will like and keep. Think nail varnish or lipstick, small tools, toys or glasses cleaner, or even just fill them with chocolates or sweets. At least you’ll be reducing the amount of plastic ‘tat’ and waste that ends up strewn across your Christmas table and ultimately in the bin. You can even find DIY kits that are plastic free, such as these from Thoroughly Modern Grandma.

Join a wreath making workshop

Many local florists run wreath making sessions around this time of year – some will even come to your own kitchen table – all you have to do is supply some friends and some bubbles. Sociable as well as supporting local independent businesses it’s a great way to create a masterpiece for your front door that perfectly suits your tastes.

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Get the kids to make this year’s wrapping paper

It may have come to your attention that a lot of the rolls of wrapping paper that are freely available in high street stores are shiny and therefore can’t actually be recycled. Avoid the issue this year by picking up some rolls of simple brown paper – IKEA do excellent cheap ones, or alternatively your local Post Office should be able to help – and then get the paints and stamps out. Cut giant-sized sheets, place them on the floor or table if you have one large enough and get creative. Add glitter for extra creativity points and if you’re going truly sustainable create your own stamps from halved potatoes.

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No kids; no time?

Take a more adult approach to your wrapping and use simple brown paper tied with plain string or twine. Beautiful, simple and stylish under your tree. You can even tie cinnamon sticks, rosemary, dried orange, mistletoe and other natural items to the package for added interest.

Recycle last years’ Christmas cards

It’ll take less time that watching an episode of Strictly Come Dancing to cut out the pictures from last year’s Christmas cards, punch a hole in them and add some ribbon or twine, giving you plenty of tags to use on this years’ gifts. If you’re feeling particularly crafty you could even recycle them into Christmas cards for your nearest and dearest.

Easy table decorations

Table decorations can look beautiful made from natural materials with seasonal scented candles in the mix. Use the excuse to relax in the busy run-up to the big day by taking a pre-Christmas hike in the woods. Remember your secateurs, and while you’re there look out for mistletoe in the trees, holly bushes or spruce and evergreen foliage.

Edible Christmas trees decorations

Gingerbread, shortbread, boiled sweets and chocolates. Whatever your favourite Christmas treat, there’s likely to be a way to use it to create tree decorations. From making biscuits with holes for ribbons, to adding twine or strawberry laces to melted and reforming chocolate or sweets, creating hanging ornaments from edibles is a great way to add colour and interest to your Christmas scheme.

Better still it’ll take less time to put away the tree after Christmas, as we guarantee its branches will have been cleared already.

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Looking for a more sustainable Christmas tree option?

There’s been plenty of debate this year in the media about whether chopping down spruce trees or buying plastic artificial is the most eco-friendly way to go – but those don’t have to be your only options.

Search environmentally friendly Christmas trees on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of creative DIY options from recyclable cardboard, to creating Christmas tree shapes from lights.

We quite like the idea of a living Christmas tree to be kept outside in a pot for 11 months of the year…

Which kind of tree have you chosen this year?

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas from all at Koivu, and if you’ve added a new kitchen to your wish list for Santa, Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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