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Ditch the plastic with these cute festive ideas

Want to keep the planet in mind this Christmas? There are plenty of ways to reuse, reduce and recycle while still creating a wonderful festive feel to your home. Here we’ve headed down the rabbit hole of Instagram crafts for you, to bring you some of the easiest, cutest and most eco-friendly Christmas decorations to make.

Everything you’ll see below can be made from items found in nature, in your kitchen, or from something recyclable. And while these aren’t specifically children’s crafts, we’re sure you can find ways to get the kids involved if you want to. So why not spread out on your kitchen table or island, pass out steaming mugs of hot chocolate and have a cosy crafting afternoon? These eco-friendly Christmas decorations are sure to impress your festive visitors this year.

Merry Xmas from Koivu kitchens

Gorgeous Garlands

Dried orange and spice

This is a beautiful, sustainable garland idea that smells amazing too. Fill the house with a Christmassy smell as you slowly dry slices of orange in a warm oven. Then thread them onto twine and intersperse them with cinnamon sticks if you like. If you have leftover slices, why not use to decorate the table, or place in a bowl along with Christmas spices and pine cones to create a festive pot pourri?

Orange peel & twig mushrooms

Orange again, but this time it’s the outer peel of half a small orange combined with twigs. See the photo below, then head over to @sibster on Instagram to see exactly how to make these cute little festive mushrooms. String them up under a shelf or along the top of a mirror or picture frame. Then make sure you use the juice of those oranges to make some vitamin C rich, immune system boosting juice.

Cookie cutter & herbs

Perfect to adorn the walls of a Christmas baker’s kitchen, we love the idea of hanging festive cookie cutters on Christmas twine. But only once you’ve made those Christmas cookies of course! Add in rosemary, Christmas tree cuttings, cinnamon sticks or even dried orange slices as above, if you fancy. Eco-friendly Christmas decorations don’t come much easier than this.

Try this orange peel garland for an eco-friendly Christmas.
Photo credit Instagram: @my_midcenturyboho_newbuild
Orange peel and twig mushroom garlands.
Photo credit Instagram: @sibster
Garland Christmas decoration made from cookie cutters for an easy eco-friendly idea.
Photo credit Instagram: @kissourcraftmas

Sustainable stars & snowflakes

Storybook stars

Are you a book lover or avid reader? This is a perfect recycling project for a much-loved book that you no longer have space for on the shelf. With only pages from the book and glue, you’ll be able to create these beautiful stars. Head over to @oda.baker on Instagram and you’ll find several different tutorials to help get your origami skills on point. Then put a Christmas film on the TV and get folding.

Hanging stars

Grab that star-shaped cookie cutter (before you hang it on your garland above), and cut out lots of cardboard stars. Give them a sparkly coat of spray paint, then fix them together and string them up in whatever arrangement you like. We think they look super cute hanging from this branch, but equally you could hang strings of them from larger plants within your home.

Intricate cardboard snowflakes

Head over to the @easy_crafts.official account on Instagram and you’ll find out how to make this intricate snowflake from nothing other than some toilet rolls and glue. But no-one will guess, we promise! We love the idea of stringing these up at different heights from the top of a window or mirror. You could even lay them on a table to use as festive mats for small candle holders.

Origami stars made from book pages. Recycling for an eco-friendly Christmas.
Photo credit Instagram: @oda.baker
Cut out cardboard stars and string them up for this lovely Christmas decoration
Photo credit Instagram: @cardboardfolk
Can you believe this stunning snowflake is made from recycled toilet rolls?
Photo credit Instagram: @easy_crafts.official

Planet-friendly tree ornaments

Salt dough ornaments

Salt dough is a great alternative to store bought clay, and the best bit is you’ll find all the ingredients you need in your kitchen cupboard. Hop over to @invitationtoimagine_ Instagram account to find a simple recipe for these gorgeous spicy salt dough tree ornaments. They’ve added cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns for a Christmassy smell, but really anything goes. Just make your dough, stamp out your shapes, add your decorations, make a hole with a straw (reusable of course) and add a ribbon.

Tiny hanging acorns

Use foraged acorn ‘hats’ to create these cute little acorns for your tree. You can use any scraps of material you already have a home – extra points for Christmassy colours, and string or cotton to create a loop. Follow along to the reel posted on the @woodlar Instagram account if you need more advice.

Vintage hearts

Use pages from a yellowing book to create strips of different lengths, then staple them together with a pretty Christmas-coloured ribbon. @ralucagabrielam has a reel to take you through it step by step. They’re super simple to make and we think these would be gorgeous hanging among a selection of eco-friendly ornaments on your Christmas tree. You could even make them as little gifts for family and friends, using pages from favourite classic books.

Salt dough tree ornaments. Professional looking eco-friendly Christmas decorations.
Photo credit Instagram: @invitationtoimagine_
Acorn garlands from foraged acorn hats.
Photo credit Instagram: @woodlark
Vintage Christmas tree ornament made from the pages of a favourite book.
Photo credit Instagram: @ralucagabrielam

Table top trees

Rustic farmhouse Christmas trees

By using stiff card to make a cone and carefully covering it in natural coloured yarn or twine, you’ll be able to create these lovely trees to decorate your table. Add glitter, gemstones or anything else you like, and top with a wooden or foil star or ribbon. If you’re after a neutral colour theme for your Christmas decorations these are perfect.

Egg carton Christmas trees

These simple little trees could not be easier to make. Use the tall centre parts of the egg carton, tidy up the bottoms. punch several holes through with a bradawl or skewer. Then place the piece of carton over non-flaming candles. Add little stars to the top and create clusters – 3s or 5s will work well aesthetically. For extra sparkle you could use a little gold or silver spray paint, or add some white to give the illusion of snow.

Folded tree napkins

Choose cloth napkins over paper serviettes for a more sustainable table, but don’t resort to triangles neatly folded at the side of each plate. Instead add a festive touch with these cute folded trees. @chefgenevieve will show you how, simply head over to their Instagram account and watch the reel. And if you want to add place names, they’ll look gorgeous written in calligraphy and tucked into the folds of your little trees.

Cone-shaped Christmas trees covered in neutral yarn and gems for an eco-friendly decoration.
Photo credit Instagram: @suzi_yasu
Egg carton Christmas trees.
Photo credit Instagram: @my_seasonal_treasury
Fold your napkins like Christmas trees this Christmas.
Photo credit Instagram: @chefgenevieve

Super cute Santas

Painted leaves

Look at these cheerful Father Christmases with their rosy cheeks and fluffy white beards! Head outside to find a variety of leaves that have recently fallen, and put them somewhere warm to dry. Then get creative using these gorgeous examples form @m_and_m_bubble as your inspiration. You can place them around your home as scatter decorations, incorporate them in homemade card designs or fasten them to wrapped presents. Or what about making them into delicate tree ornaments?

Santa stones

Make these Christmas keepsakes to sit on the mantelpiece or gift as paperweights, and put them in the stockings of family and friends. These stones are totally unique and easy to make no matter how artistic you are (or aren’t!). Paint lines of different widths before finishing off with a cotton bud to make neat circles. That way you’ll be sure to get beautiful results every time. Top tip: make sure you prime your stones with a latex primer before painting. And then varnish once dry for a professional, long-lasting finish.

Leaves painted like rosy-cheeked Santas
Photo credit Instagram: @m_and_m_bubble
Santa stones. An easy, eco-friendly decoration or present.
Photo credit Instagram: @angels_and_butterflies_crafts

We hope you find some inspiration in these eco-friendly Christmas decorations and we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season.

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen in the new year, get in touch for samples and to begin the conversation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look forward to your own beautiful Koivu kitchen in 2024?

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