Our Recommended Built-In Kitchen Appliances & Fittings

Bora Hobs

One of the few appliances we sell is the Bora hob. This hob offers a completely new cooking experience as it includes a downdraft built-in extractor. Even though many companies now offer a similar hob, we believe the Bora hob is the best on the market – they were the first to come up with this idea, they have over 50 patents on their extractor system and they only make hobs.

To learn more about the Bora hob, follow this link to their website – www.bora.com.

If you have recently purchased a Bora hob, these videos will help with installation and understanding your great new hob.

Advanced induction control
Design freedom
Patented downdraft extraction
Easy filter maintenance

Sinks and Taps

We offer sinks and taps from the 1810 Company and Kohler. These sinks are the highest quality contemporary steel ones you can buy and they suit our kitchens perfectly.

To view these great products follow the links opposite to the 1810 company’s website and Kohler’s brochure.

If you would like to order any of these sinks or taps, or if you simply want to know more, please contact us for a quote.