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Sustainable interiors stores to explore

Here at Koivu we always try to give more back to the planet than we take from it. And we’ve noticed recently that we’re far from alone in this ethos.

More and more interiors companies are trying to do their bit to help the planet. From rejecting mass production to seeking out Fairtrade and FSC certificates, and from reducing plastics to building products to last. We’ve sought out some of Britain’s most sustainability conscious independents for all your interiors needs.

Koivu sustainable plywood blue and white kitchen

Contemporary Sustainability

Adventures in Furniture

Chiswick & Islington

Winner of a ‘Guardian Sustainable Business Award’ in 2011, Adventures in Furniture pride themselves on their eco credentials. They make all their furniture from FSC Certified or recycled wood and even use an eco rating system you can see the different sustainability credentials of each product.

Par Avion Co


Par Avion Co describes itself as an environmentally conscious design partnership mixing traditional craft and modern styling to make furniture that is timeless and treasured for many years to come. Not only do they use  natural and renewable materials that are carefully and locally sourced, but all their packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable too.



Driven by the belief that everyone should have the choice to invest in great, sustainable design, MAiK launched in 2016. Since then, they’ve continued their quest to discover the most sustainable way of living while building lasting long-term relationships with lots of wonderful suppliers who share their eco-friendy ethos.

Adventures in Furniture store front - sustainable interiors company
Photo caption Instagram: @adventuresinfurniture
Craftsman at work  - Par Avion sustainable furniture making
Photo caption Instagram: @par_avion-co
Beautiful place setting from MAiK - Sustainable interiors company
Photo caption Instagram: @maiklifestyle

Reclamation Stations

Doghead Designs

Clevedon, Bristol

Located just outside Bristol, Doghead Designs are waging war on consumerism, in particular mass market furniture that’s destined for landfill within years of purchase. Instead, they reclaim and up-cycle quality furniture using a range of specialist paint techniques. And even better they take commissions too!

Modish Living


Coming to you from the south coast, Modish Living is a stylish online boutique selling a handpicked collection of beautifully crafted reclaimed, rustic and sustainable furniture and interiors. For them, sourcing natural materials without impacting our beautiful landscape has become a way of life.



Puji specialises in the use of beautiful, reclaimed timbers such as mango, pine, oak and teak wood, aiming for ethical production in the UK and minimising environmental impact from their manufacturing process. They also work hard to recycle as much packaging as possible. 

Doghead Designs - reclaimed furniture
Photo credit Instagram: @dogheaddesigns
Modish Living - reclaimed chest
Photo credit Instagram: @modishliving
Puji concept store in Manchester
Photo credit Instagram: @pujifurniture_uk

Fairtrade Fabrics

The African Fabric Shop


With a wonderful fairtrade ethos that you can learn about on The African Fabric Shop site, this online store sells everything from large textiles and cloths to baskets and batiks. They buy most of our fabrics, beads and baskets directly from the makers and always pay a fair price that is usually higher than what local buyers pay. Magie even runs talks sharing photos and stories from her travels and research in Africa.



Made to measure curtain and blind manufacturers, Stitched, are proud of the stories behind their fabrics and the fibres from which they’re made. They are taking a stand against cheap synthetics that are harmful to the environment, having created over 200 ‘feel good fabrics’ that look great and have a neutral impact on the environment.

Square Flower


Determined to prove that quality and ethics can go hand in hand, Square Flower built their supply chain from the ground up. They insist on fair trade certified cotton and make sure everyone in the supply chain gets a fair deal, a fair wage and can be sure of safe working conditions. Not only that, the GOTS certified cotton they use is free from pesticides and chemicals meaning it’s better for your health and reduces pollution in local water supplies too.

Colourful African fabrics from The African Store
Photo credit Instagram: @africanfabricshop
Made by Stitched - yellow made to measure curtains produced from eco friendly and sustainable fabrics
Photo credit Instagram: @madebystitched
Square Flower - sustainable bedding
Photo credit Instagram: @squareflower

Low VOCs

Little Knights


For environmentally friendly, family friendly decorating look no further than Little Knights. This is the only paint manufacturer that has been able to prove to the Advertising Standards Agency, their claims that they’re 100% VOC free. What’s more, it’s a delight to paint with, vegan friendly, gives off no odour and is antibacterial too helping to prevent mould and keep surfaces hygienic.


Tonbridge, Kent

At Koivu we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our kitchens and do everything in our power to make sure we help look after the planet. If you have any questions about our process or the materials we use, please get in touch, we’ll be only too happy to talk.

Little Knights - 100% VOC free paint
Photo credit Instagram: @little.knights.paint
Koivu sustainable plywood black and white kitchen
Photo credit: Koivu Kitchens

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